Social Constructs

This week we will challenge everything you think you know about American/Western Culture and social constructs like; America, religion, race, slavery, education, art, social programs and money. Most of these social constructs are corruptions of ideas from other cultures. For example, the name Jesus, did not exist when he was crucified. The the inscription above Jesus on the cross was INRI, Jesus of Nazareth Rex (Greek for King) of the Jews. Shouldn’t the inscription have read JNRJ? It was written in Latin, Hebrew & Greek. There’s no letter J in those languages to this day. In fact, the letter J is the last letter added to the alphabet. It did not come into popular use until 1611. That was the first time the name Jesus appeared in the King James (which was spelled Iames) Version of the bible. If you live or have ever been in Washington DC there is no “J†street. The letters “I†& “J†(the letter “J†was derived from the letter “Iâ€, from which it was create and insert after) was still being used interchangeably well into the late 18th century when the city was built. There are also no Greek letter organizations that have a “J†in their name.

Many religious leaders in the Bible and in western culture beginning with Rome, were and still are members of the ruling class. The Establishment and Free Exercise Clauses of the First Amendment separated the power of the state from the church. The American Revolution was a rejection of the Monarchy. This made the slaveholding signers of the constitution the new ruling class. Billions of people practice the Christian faith that was responsible for the genocide, enslavement, thief of land and resources of many of their people. Seems like a case of “Stockholm Syndromeâ€.

If you start out wrong, you end up wrong. “So, sharpen your eyes

and tune your ear so you’ll know what you see understand what you hear.â€

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