Partying with a Purpose

A Cultural Revolution for the Greater Good of the Whole

One Step, One Song, One Dance at a Time!!!

A Fusion of Classic and Modern Styles

A Fusion of Classic and Modern Styles

Discover the magic of swing dancing with the Urban Swing Dance Institute, (USDI), where we reclaim the origin of traditional swing dance and reconnect it with modern variation in urban communities.

Let the rhythm take over and experience the joy of partner dancing in our inspiring learning environment.

The Art of Urban Swing Dancing

Swing dance, a lively and joyful original American art form that originated in urban borough of Harlem NY, during its Renaissance Period, is a dynamic form of cultural expression that unites and brings people together of various backgrounds around the world.

At the Urban Swing Dance Institute, we specialize in the unique genre of swing dances that evolved and migrated to urban communities from east to west, north to south, creating a vibrant, exciting, authentic, recreational, social network environment accessible to all.

Unleash Your Full Potential

Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced dancer looking to improve your skills, our expert instructors are committed to helping you reach your full potential.

Our classes focus on teaching students how to dance (any style) using basic, simplified, proven, universal dance and music theory, and techniques relative to all dance forms from Ballet, HipHop, Line Dance to Traditional Ballroom and Latin Dances. Our goal is to give you the knowledge and confidence to adapt, adjust, and participate in any dance environment. We don’t teach you one dance. We teach you how to dance.

The Urban Swing Dance Experience

Experience the best of the sophisticated, smooth, swagger, style and energy of urban culture/lifestyle, often imitated but never duplicated, around the world. Our urban swing dance classes reflect and incorporate the knowledge, intelligence, commitment, discipline, mutual respect and trust in urban communities, historically overlooked and marginalized by mainstream media.

Why Choose Us?

Our approach at Urban Swing Dance Institute is centered around making dance (and LIFE) easier, enjoyable, and rewarding for everyone.

We believe that dance is more than just a series of weight changes to beats of music. It's our ministry. It’s our way of demonstrating that we live in a universal classroom, that is consistent and in agreement with math, science, art and our universal creator, using the universal language of numbers, music, and the KJV Bible (minus the religious doctrines/dogmas) as reproof that dance, like life, is simply about time, patterns and connections.

Join Us Today

Are you ready to embark on your dance journey? Whether you're interested in Lindy Hop, Hand Dance, DFW Swing(out), Detroit Ballroom, Chicago Steppin, 2 Step (KC or H-Town), Philly Bop, or Zydeco, we have a class that's perfect for you; young or old, fast or slow, experienced or inexperienced, 2 left or 2 right feet, partner or no partner, sign up today and let the dancing begin.

We’re looking for tweens, teens & seens(iors). Those who can benefit most from understanding the importance of the core values of commitment, discipline, mutual respect, patience, trust and the need to establish and maintain a lifelong recreational activity that promotes healthy collaboration, coordination and teamwork/teambuilding; and connecting them with those who can share their life experience and knowledge while learning timing, balance, coordination, the importance of socialization and remaining active for the entirety of their lives.

A group of people standing in a room.
A group of people standing around in a room.

Menu / Price List

Weekly Sessions

Private & Individual Group Sessions - $15

Group paced sessions, 4-16 week duration, 10-20 people, onsite & live streamed (2 - 6 people for live stream groups)

Individual Private Session - $20

1hr Private Class

Couples Private Session - $40

1hr Private Class for Couples

Social Swing Dance Essentials Program

This is a course designed to expose students (experience or inexperience) to the elementary/basic dance and music, knowledge, theory, techniques, and skills necessary to learn, adjust and adapt to any style/genre of dances. That knowledge includes, but is not limited to: Posture, Frame, Foot Positions, Center Point of Balance (CPB), Connection, Timing (beats, rhythms, & measures), Dance and Foot Patterns. The student will learn one dance from each of the 3 basic dance rhythms listed below. Walkin, Hand Dance, and Detroit Ballroom are preliminary requirements for all first-time students. Upon completion, returning students can take an extended, next level version of any dance in that group or of their choice. Class durations are 4–16 weeks.

  • 4 Beat Dances - Walking, Houston 2 Step, and Zydeco
  • 6 Beat Dances - Hand Dance, DFW Swing, and Chicago Steppin
  • 8 Beat Dances - Detroit Ballroom and Lindy Hop

Total Cost/Session = $240

All sessions are paid in full in advance. Flexible payment plans are available. No Walk-Ins, No Partner Required. No refunds.

Individual - $15
Group class is open to the public. (Onsite classes range, 4 – 16 students. Livestream classes range, 2 – 6 students).

All classes focus on posture, rhythm, patterns, and connections.

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