Hegemony or Survival: America’s Quest for Global Dominance is a study of the American empire written by the American linguist and political activist Noam Chomsky, a professor at the MIT.

Chomsky’s main argument in Hegemony or Survival is that the socio-economic elite who control the United States have pursued an “Imperial Grand Strategy” since the end of World War II to maintain global hegemony through military, political, and economic means. He argues that in doing so they have repeatedly shown a total disregard for democracy and human rights, in stark contrast to the US government’s professed support for those values. He further argues that this continual pursuit of global hegemony threatens the existence of humanity itself because of the increasing proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Chomsky looks at the US government’s support for regimes responsible for mass human rights abuses —including ethnic cleansing and genocide. He also discusses US support for militant dissident groups widely considered “terrorists”, as well as direct military interventions, such as the Vietnam War, Afghan & Iraq War, to further its power and grasp of resources. He highlights that US foreign policy—by Republican or Democratic —pursues the same agenda of gaining access to lucrative resources and maintaining US world dominance.

Social Mechanisms of Indoctrination & Control of the Masses

• Religion – birth to school age.

• Education – K-12, College & University

• Media – control of thoughts, values, beliefs of the masses social construct propaganda.

• Entertainment – psychological & intellectual control mechanism in 13+.

• Legal System – Mechanism of control & coercion of adults.

• Police – Local physical control mechanism and preservation of property, institutions, wealth & persons of the ruling class’.

• Military – Global control mechanism to project & enforce hegemonic agenda of the ruling class.

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