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 Spreading the Art of Urban Swing Dancing

Spreading the Art of Urban Swing Dancing

Welcome to the Urban Swing Dance Institute, located in the vibrant city of New Orleans. We're much more than just a dance school - we're a community that embraces the art and soul of swing dancing.

Our focus is not just on teaching you steps and patterns, but on cultivating your knowledge and passion for dance itself. We specialize in a variety of styles, with a focus on Urban Swing Dance, including Detroit Ballroom and Chicago Steppin.

Our training goes far beyond the physical; it's a holistic experience that encompasses mind, body, and spirit. We're guided by the universal principles and ethos of the Divine Pattern of the Universe and the Principles of Maat.

We maintain our independence from any religious or spiritual organizations.

Our lead instructor, a GSDTA Certified Dance Teacher since 2012, is an expert in teaching the elements of movement, music, and dance.  He honed those skills over the last decade through continuous education in the urban swing dance community & teaching at USDI (formerly, Who Dat Steppers of New Orleans). His diverse background of training & experience began as certified Navy Instructor and designated Master Training Specialist, Adult Education, and in the private sector.

About Us

USDI is a Cultural Renaissance based on principle core values of knowledge, truth, love, justice, and peace for all people, with emphasis on systematically marginalized groups, globally. Our aim is to empower all people to reach their maximum potential without regards to their affinity/identity or social, economic, political, or ethnic group. We use Social Urban Swing Dance, (the application of the universal languages of numbers and music, to create the smallest version of a team (moving their bodies in sync/time to beats of music), to enable our students to maximize their potential not only on the dance floor but in life. Our classes are culturally, socially, psychologically, spiritually, and economically relevant to the development of all underrepresented, underdeveloped, exploited and marginalized groups.

We are introducing the acronym S.M.A.SS.H (Spirit[ual], Math[etics], Arts, Social Science, and History) as a means for the masses to achieve authentic, cultural, psychological, spiritual, and economic sovereignty, (put another way, "Liberty and Justice for all") to SMASSH the exploitation, underdevelopment and marginalization of the social underclass by any individual(s) or group(s). Our intent is to use the powerful mediums of music and dance to create authentic social networks that connect hue-man beings (or spirit[s] being human) to the universal core values/principles of g[o]od (knowledge, truth, love, justice, and peace) over the core values/principles of [d]evil (ignorance, lies, hate, injustice, and war).

Our goal is to create, develop, implement, establish, and maintain the Radical Revolutions of Values needed to make America (& the world) a great and a better place to live for all. Social Urban Swing Dance is about the unity, connection and harmony of all spirit[s] being[s] hue-man. We look forward to connecting and meeting like-minded spirits for the Greater Good of All of Hue-manity.

For more details about our core values and our movement for cultural, psychological, social, political and economic sovereignty, justice, and peace, check out our Culture Warrior page on this site.