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Who Dat Steppers


  Who Dat Steppers Urban Swing Dance Institute in New Orleans, partying with a purpose, making a difference and changing the world, one beat, one song, one step, one dance at a time. 

NORDC Free Introductory Classes


Urban Swing Dance in New Orleans not only provides a lifelong recreational activity for our boys and girls, it teach's them the importance of roles in personal and professional relationships. Studies also show that partner dancing aides in prevention of Dementia & Alzheimer's in seniors.

Learn How to Dance


At Who Dat Steppers Urban Swing Dance Institute in New Orleans, we don't just teach you a swing dance, we teach you how to dance.

Total Mind Body & Spirit Experience

Man Made in the Image of Elohim the Pattern of the Universe

  Who Dat Steppers and it's affiliate,  Urban Swing Dance Institute, are guided by sound universal principles and ethos of the Divine Pattern of the Universe and the Principles of Maat.  We are not a member of, or affiliated with, any religious or spiritual organization. 

GSDTA Certified Dance Teacher

Golden State Dance Teachers Association Certification, February 27, 2012

The Urban Swing Dance Institute is lead by Oswald Cooper, a Certified Dance Teacher since 2012. Trained to teach Elements of Movement, Music and Dance, he is skilled and competent in both the Art and Science of teaching a wide variety of Dance.  He specializes in Urban Swing Dance with emphasis on Detroit Ballroom and Chicago Steppin.

Navy Master Training Specialist

Combat Systems Technical Schools Command (CSTSC) MK 152 Computer Complex Course Class of June 1989

Served with honor for 10 years as Computer Technician, Instructor, Supervisor, Instructor Evaluator and Workshop Facilitator at Combat Systems Technical Schools Command, Mare Island, CA.  Earned the Navy Enlisted Code of 9502 (Instructor) and Designated Navy Master Training Specialist.  Facilitated the 1st Cultural Diversity Workshop at CSTSC.